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ixhola Grants Foundation

ixhola Grants Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization focused on addressing hunger, homelessness, education and enterprise development in Africa. Through a system of strategic partnering, ixhola will focus its activities as follows:

At the peak of the COVID crisis, ixhola became active in providing meals to the less privileged through its Rice & Beans Kitchen (RBK) Program. Working in conjunction with established organizations in disinvested communities, ixhola delivers cooked and packaged meals to several locations in Lagos every month.

ixhola has recognized the need for unique housing solutions to address the needs of special populations in Africa. The organization is currently spearheading new paradigms for Affordable Housing targeted at the Single Mothers as well as the Elderly.

The organization has a keen understanding of the disconnect
between our ‘Old Skool’ approach to education versus the more contemporary needs of today’s employers. Based on this fact ixhola is concentrating efforts on collaborating with Workforce Development programs that provide high-quality Skills Training for Young Adults.

Based on the very apparent challenges that were magnified during the height of the pandemic, ixhola has entered into discussions with potential funders of the Primary Healthcare Clinic. We are currently designing a model that can be deployed as a pilot next year.

Our rapidly expanding economy presents unique opportunities for Young Adults to establish business enterprises that will create employment for our growing population. Today, ixhola is in discussions with a major government agency, a financial institution, and a franchise development company to catalyze a business park that would accommodate more than 50 SME businesses.

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