Lagos Convention and Exposition Center

Lagos Convention and Exposition Center

Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) engaged MVUSA to prepare a comprehensive Strategic Action Plan for the proposed Lagos Convention and Exposition Center. To achieve this objective, MVUSA conducted a market research to establish the need for a convention center in the Lekki Free Trade Zone(LFTZ), Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos. Through this research effort, we identified the key supply and demand drivers for such facility and presented a high-level strategic plan to the client. Our effort also covered the development program, conceptual masterplan, development budget, financial and investment analysis, preliminary transaction structure as well as the economic impact analysis for the project.

The project required that we assembled and work with highly qualified team of industry specialists that have the experience necessary to deliver appropriate solutions for the client. The members of the team include: Alpine Cost Consultant, Axis Design International, Alpha African Financial Advisory, AELEX Legal, Axis Design International, Ove Arup Engineering, Focus Hospitality Limited (FHL), KOA Consultant Limited, and Design Group Nigeria Limited.

LagosExpo, if properly executed, is a project that will serve as the “fruitful seed” which will grow into a full “tropical forest” within a short to medium time frame. The initiative developed in this project can potentially change Lagos State’s Tourism Economy trajectory for the foreseeable future as it holds the power to transform Lagos into the de facto tourism capital of West Africa. The project will also serve as a key economic driver, and stands to create about 58,000 jobs over a 10-year period.

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