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Kajola Newtown

The Kajola Newtown is a ‘Big idea’ conceived as a major part of a long-term economic development strategy for Ogun State Government.

For this reason, MVUSA, in partnership with core investors (Public-Private Partnership) took a more holistic approach to the planning of future new towns in Africa in order to ensure that the resources invested to produce these technology-driven Creative Communities in a unique location that would attract businesses and infrastructure that would boost the economy. The proposed project site is 3000 hectares of land in OPIC Industrial Estate in the Agbara/ Igbesa area of Ogun State.

In line with this bold initiative for the development of the Newtown, MVUSA also conceptualized a unique educational institution to be known as the West African College of Arts, Design + Technology (WACAD+T). The WACAD+T has a facility requirement of key development components such as teaching facilities, undergraduate/ graduate housing beds, conference centers, mixed-income residential, office buildings, etc. The strategic rationale behind these unique communities at the onset of creating a new town will attract a captive population of about 30,000 students, Direct Academic and Non-Academic employment, establish Public Service Employment, SME businesses, leverage Educational Tourism, etc.

At MVUSA we have a dream to make Kajola New town, a comprehensive LIVE + WORK + PLAY environment over a twenty-year schedule.

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